Game and Nature Reserves


Sierra Norte Natural Park is an attractive area of gently rolling hills clad in Mediterranean woodland and dotted with delightful whitewashed towns and villages, linked by some excellent walks. Seville province’s wetland areas are teeming with birdlife and provide alternative habitats for a significant variety of bird species from nearby, bigger areas, such as flamingos on Laguna del Gosque Natural Reserve that flock from Malaga’s Fuente de Piedra Natural Area and the wildfowl in Brazo del Este Natural Area, which fly from Doñana National Park when resources are scarce there.


Doñana National Park is a natural reserve in Andalusia, southern Spain, in the provinces of Huelva and Seville. It covers 543 km2 (209.65 sq mi), of which 135 km2 (52.12 sq mi) are a protected area. The park is an area of marshes, shallow streams, and sand dunes in Las Marismas, the delta where the Guadalquivir River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It was established as a nature reserve in 1969 when the World Wildlife Fund joined with the Spanish government and purchased a section of marshes to protect it.

Utrera Natural Reserve contains three saltwater lakes. Laguna de Zarracatín is around ten times the size of the other two, Laguna Arjona and Laguna Alcaparrosa. The lakes and their protected environs cover 1,161ha. Like the Lebrija-Las Cabezas Natural Reserve, it provides an alternative habitat for birds in the nearby Guadalquivir delta. Birds from the Embalse Torre del Aguila, which is about 3km east, also use the reserve.